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Aluminium may be Superman’s kryptonite but for us, regular folk, it is a brilliant and versatile material. It shouldn’t just be used for wrapping food. You probably had no idea how useful this ordinary kitchen product could be – clean, protect, shape, grow, polish – the opportunities are endless!

Take a look at these clever ideas for foil! Which one will you try first?

1. Soften brown sugar

  • Wrap a piece of hardened brown sugar in foil and bake it in the oven at 150C for five minutes.

2. Move furniture with no damage

  • Place foil on the bottom of the legs and then slide your furniture to its new home. It’s cheap, easy and it protects your floor and furniture from scratches. There’s no need to buy furniture sliding pads just to adjust your furniture

3. Create unique cake pans 

  • Form a thick heavy-duty aluminium foil into your desired shape inside the pan – heart cake, Christmas tree shape or whatever you like!

4. Grow untangled cuttings

  • Start cuttings growing by covering them with a sheet of foil. Just poke a few holes and insert cuttings and watch them grow uncluttered!

5. Scare birds away

  • Dangle foil from a fruit tree or post in your garden to scare away pesky birds. Some birds are afraid of shiny things so will stay away from your lovely fruits.

6. Preserve steel-wool pads

  • How many of you have used a steel-wool pad and the next day it’s rusty so you have to throw it out? To prevent this, just wrap the pad in foil and put it in the freezer.

7. Scrub your pots 

  • Crumple up foil and use it to scrub your pots. You can even use the same foil from cooking your casserole to clean up the dish.

8. Fix lose batteries

  • Fold a small piece of foil in the battery compartment to hold the batteries in place. The pad should be placed between the battery and the spring.

9. Clean your iron 

  • We bet most of you have never cleaned your iron! If you do have melted plastic or other chunks stuck on the plate, simply turn the iron on high over a piece of foil with salt on top. The abrasion from the sail will get the unwanted plastic off your iron.


Did you know that aluminium foil was so versatile? Which one of these suggestions will you try first? Share with us below.

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  1. Please explain what you mean about untangling cuttings. My guess is that the idea is to place a sheet of Alfoil over a container of potting mix and make holes through it to support the stalk of each cutting. If I am right please say so. Covering a cutting with Alfoil sounds like you have to wrap each one.

  2. When we were younger teenage drivers we used to put a sheet of foil on our car dashboard, it used to send the old fashioned police radar guns mad !

  3. Wrap your washed celery in foil and it will remain crunchy for weeks in the refrigerator.

  4. Place a sheet folded in your wallet near your credit / debit cards and it stops the scammers scamming them. Great for when you are travelling overseas especially. I always do this.

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  5. Use on compact grills. (eg George Forman grill) Spray canola oil or olive oil spray onto the foil. All the fat still goes into the drip tray. Makes cleaning so much easier.

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