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We’ve found another reason why you should enjoy a few more glasses of wine (you’re welcome!): start to accumulate your wine corks for your next DIY project.

Take a look at the latest and greatest recycled wine cork ideas below.

1. Simple solution – steady wobbly furniture by placing a cork wedge beneath it


Via Homesthetics


2. Napkin rings

napkin ring

Via Brass paper clip

Supplies: corks, heavy needle, stretchy thread, beads, ruler and scissors


  1. Slice corks (requires about 3 corks per napkin)
  2. Thread the cork with your needle and stretchy thread. Use about 15cm of thread and then tie off. Ensure that the last bead and cork are not touching
  3. Repeat on as many napkins & set your table


3. Thread spool corks

thread spools

Via Homesthetics


4. Coasters made from cork 


Via Homesthetics

Supplies: corks, hot glue gun, cutting sheet


  1. Line up corks and use a hot glue gun to paste on a flat surface.
  2. Use a knife to cut the excess off the circular shape
  3. Repeat with different shapes to make unique coasters

5.  Decorate your cocktail – use corks to label drinks

label glass

Via Homesthetics

Supplies: corks, knife, measuring tape, nail, stencil shapes, black marker, wire or thread


  1. Measure corks and use knife to cut into pieces – whatever size you prefer
  2. Push nail into cork to create a hole at the top. Make sure you do this on a surface outside/somewhere it doesn’t matter if nail damages surface
  3. Label corks with numbers or stencils of choice
  4. Put thread or wire through cork
  5. Attach/tie to glass, enjoy!


6. Personalised card holders

cork label

Supplies: corks, sharp knife, paper, pens


  1. With a sharp knife cut, cut off one rounded side of the cork. Another option would be sand one side of the cork to create a flat surface.
  2. Use a sharp knife of blade and make a cut along the length of the cork (this is where the paper/card will go)
  3. Prep the paper cards with names and place in the cork


7. Knobs on drawers


Via Dollarstorecrafts

Supplies: sparkling wine/champagne corks, screws, screwdriver


  1. Remove existing knobs. The screws from these knobs may have a flat top but that will not work. You will need pointed screws.
  2. Make a little mark in the cork so you know where to screw it in.
  3. Insert a screw into the hole of the drawer so that the pointed end protrudes out the front.
  4. Line up the tip of the nail with the dot on the back of the cork. Press firmly and twist cork.
  5. Continue to twist until the flat surface of the cork is against the drawer


8. Cork garden marker


Via The chic site

Supplies: bunch of corks, sharpie (any colour you like), bamboo skewers, drill, plant trimmer


  1. Draw your design on the cork
  2. Carefully drill into the bottom of each cork
  3. Trim the skewers to the desired length
  4. Insert skewer into hole you drilled – it should be a tight fit


What do you think of these ideas – good excuse to drink more wine? Will you try any of these suggestions? Share with us below.

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  1. I have corks in a mesh bag under my mattress to stop cramps in my legs.I have done this for 4 years and haven’t had a cramp since,

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