8 awesome ways to reuse your old refidexs and maps 3



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If you’re like me, you have a box full of old maps and refidexs from years gone by. They’ve been superseded by our phones and GPS units, however they can still be useful.

Why not try to spruce up your house with these awesome ideas? You could transform your living space and have fun creating something that most would throw in the garbage or leave to gather dust!


1. Wrap a candle

Source: The Inspired Housewife


See instructions here


2. Make a bracelet

Source: Craft Stylish

See instructions here


3.Wrap a lamp shade

Source: Steph’s Silver Boxes


See instructions here


4. Make a magnetic plate

Source: Fox Hollow Cottage


See instructions here


5. Create wall art

Source: CK and Nate

See instructions here


6. Show off your birthplace with a pendant

Source: Pork & Periwinkle


See instructions here


7. Serve your drinks on coasters

Source: Martha Stewart

See instructions here


8. Make a wine rack

Source: Instructables


See instructions here

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