7 things you didn’t know that climate change affects 120



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A great deal of us argue and bicker about the existence of climate change, with some fiercely contesting the existence of the phenomenon, and others insisting that it is indeed true.

What we don’t think or talk about is how climate change affects us right now. Many of us appear to think that the impacts of a warmer earth won’t be felt until decades down the road, perhaps when the ocean is suddenly washing up at your (once) hillside residence.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are already some very real impacts being each day by global warming. Some of which may surprise you.


1. Food prices

Our shifting climate is causing food prices around the world to increase as the maintenance and growth of crops becomes a whole lot harder to do. As the air gets warmer, larger and more frequent storms are beginning to smash crops worldwide.

Remember the famous banana shortage caused when Cyclone Yasi devastated Queensland banana plantations in 2011? Well this is could just be the tip of the iceberg.

Imagine if we had four Cyclone Yasi’s hit Australia in one summer. Prices would surge for a whole variety of groceries, and not just on your sweet little bananas.


2. Wine and general alcohol production

Even worse than food price increases has to be a rise in alcohol prices.

If it’s the end of the world, you’re going to want a drink, but you’re favourite Sauvignon Blanc may become too expensive to afford when the cost of harvesting grapes increases.

Similarly, beer will be affected as climate change endangers clean water, quality barley, and ample hops. This means that the small craft beer you love and crave may be in danger of shutting down when hops and barley become more scarce. These will truly be dark days indeed.


3. Fresh water

You need another expense like you need a hole in your head – water is going to increase in price.

Severe droughts, increased evaporation and changes in precipitation patterns are impacting water levels in streams, rivers, dams and lakes worldwide.

You may think they’re just being unfair, but this is largely what caused your local council to increase the water rates in previous years. Bet you’re starting to feel a bit guilty for that rude letter you wrote.


4. Power

You know what else is going to get more expensive? Your power bill… sigh.

As the planet heats up, it’s going to become more expensive and harder to ship fuel across the world. Non-renewable fuel sources will then subsequently increase, forcing power company’s to increase electricity prices.

On the other hand, if the world continues to adopt renewable power sources, then this problem has a great chance of being fixed (hint hint to the government).


5. Allergies and asthma

This one is going to bleed your money indirectly.

A warmer climate will impact on those who are prone to allergies and asthma as the air will become denser with pollution, dust and water vapour. As your allergies and/or asthma worsens, think about the increased costs when you’re refilling that asthma puffer or buying more tissues and nasal sprays.


6. Coffee

If you’re not a morning person, this may bring a tear to your eye.

Arabica, the most-consumed coffee species, could go extinct in the wild in 70 years, due to increasing temperatures and a climate change-charged deadly fungus. This would also put roughly 25 million coffee growers and distributors out of business, and drive coffee prices up substantially.


7. Jeans

Is nothing sacred? Even our jeans are under threat from a changing climate. Water shortages and drought are having an impact on cotton production, causing price fluctuations and even a shortage in denim. So for those looking to go out and start the double denim craze again, you may be plum out of luck.


Which of these impacts are you feeling the most? How else does global warming affect you? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. What a lot of crap they are trying to programme into everyone . They are saying the price of food will rise because of the increase maintenance and growth of crops will become harder . The crops would be destroyed because of cyclones , they used the example of cyclone Yasi and we had no

  2. What a lot of crap they are trying to programme into everyone . They are saying the price of food will rise because of the increase maintenance and growth of crops will become harder . the crops would be destroyed because of cyclones , they use the example of cyclone Yasi and we had no Bananas , that was in 2011. The air will get warmer , larger and frequent storms are beginning to smash crops world wide . How can climate change endanger clean water to increase wine and beer prices , cold seam gas will destroy our clean under ground water system. Power bills will go up because it will become more expensive and harder to ship fuel across the world , Australia supplies three quarters of it own oil from W .A , and sends it over to Singapore to be refined , we can refine the oil in this country . We always had allergies in Australia . If I can not have coffee then I will drink Tea , but I do not with we will not have any coffee . Now they are saying we are going to have a shortage of jeans we wear because of climate change , we will have water shortage and drought and there will be an impact on cotton , Ah Ah Ah , They said that we were going to have more frequent storms and destroy the crops , there is a big turn around , frequent storms and then we are going to have water shortage and drought . The world is not connected to the sun with a cable , and the world dose not travel on a perfect axis , when it gets closer to the sun , it warms up , when it travels further away from the sun it cools down . This dose not happen over night , it could take 10 , 20 or 50 years or longer , we need Carbon for our plant and vegetables and life to survive on this planet .

    1 REPLY
    • I strongly suggest that you look to the sources of the data. You will find no evidence of any sort of ”programming”. It would be useful if more people developed the skills necessary to assess the raw data for themselves. It isn’t hard. If you want to find ”programming” then I suggest reading Andrew Bolt’s articles on the subject. His claims are now becoming so bizarre that they belong in the same basket as moon landing conspiracy theories. The problem with climate change deniers is that they do not or choose to not understand the scientific process. There are a lot of uncertainties in the future regarding the effects of human induced climate change. However two things are certain. 1 Climate change is real and 2 It is affecting us now and its future effects will continue to increase in severity

  3. Of course climate change is real… Of course we are aware of weather modifications, of course we are aware of water pollution killing the water. Of course we know our food is toxically poisoned for our good

    2 REPLY
    • dont buy im ported food and i can gaurantee you will not be poisened simple as that we have standards here . not in os countries

      1 REPLY
      • Our food standards are becoming more lax. Grazing cattle sheep etc are given hormones and antibiotics to develop more meat. This is illegal in Europe.

    • We can buy organic you are right.. But super market food loaded with chemicals. We can’t escape it… It in our water, air, soil, so it will be in our food too. We have a lot of organic markets around..

  4. Are we really sure climate change is happening? I am not. I am more inclined to think our weather comes in cycles over periods of time, the older you are, the more likely this seems possible. My Mum was 102 when she died, and the stories she told us, of all this happening before, makes me believe in the latter. We live in Victoria, and believe it or not, we have the heater on. We have had extreme heatwaves before, and cool summers before.

    11 REPLY
    • Neither am I the great Egyptian empire crashed due to the Nile drying up and killing of all the villages along the Nile where now it is only desert. That was over 2000 years ago. If governments and science were truly concerned then they would stop all plastic production as plastic is one of the worst pollutants but it appears that big business is more powerful so truth or fiction

    • Yes I have always thought this too. A bit like fashion cycles really! What goes around comes around

    • Let me see 97% of scientists say it’s happening, 3% deny. Obviously the 3% are right. Get outta here.

    • How old are these Scientists? Have they been around the past 60/70 years to witness to the changing weather patterns that appear to run in cycles?

    • No they haven’t been around that long, so they have to use the second best way – scientific research and statistics – the same things that brought us modern health care amongst other things.

    • yes the climate is always changing but the question is..has mankind escalated it? the scientists say yes and I believe in science. What is the worst that can happen if cut back on emissions? we get a cleaner world!!

    • 97% of scientists are being paid to agree with Climate Change – hence that’s why they agree with it Artie ……

    • Beth, I simply cannot believe that you can continue to hide your head in the sand. climate change is as real as the fingers on your hand. Start waking up to the real world. Stop being a complete fool.

    • Angela Morton that would have to be one of the silliest things I have read today, they already lost their jobs under Abbott with all the cuts to the CSIRO !!

  5. i do not b elieve in climate change but I do believe we have had a shift in the earths magnetic axis which has caused differing climate in areas that have not been effected by such conditions before.

  6. Do not believe in climate change climates were like this centuries ago and go round in circles. Money should be used on the poor

    1 REPLY
    • we have been in australia250 odd years we have lakes 30 ft deep with hills to the side [lunets] blown out by the revailing winds how dry then ??????we have not a clue .if things get dyer and hotter we will not have the growth for major bushfires .think for yourselves and look around you

  7. Isn’t it funny how prices increase due to ‘climate change’. Somebody is making a lot of money out of this notion

  8. it’s climate change not just global warming. If we lose the basics water, food & shelter then we are doomed & everyone will be fighting for their own existence.

    1 REPLY
    • even the most domsday scientists say areas will get drier and others wetter .we will be ok ..more worried about the gillard hiree an econom ist who said perth would be deserted 2012 and forced the labout govts to build several desal plants ALL rusted out without producing a litre of water .more holes in this cult than a sieve

  9. The climate has been changing for centuries. If the governments of the world were really that worried there are so many actions that could be taken by the average household. They would make solar panels for new houses mandatory, along with rain water tanks and grey water systems. What about all the new technology that keeps coming on the market, only to last a very short time and then ending up at the dump. The climate will change whether farm animals fart, we use coal or gas for power generation, some trees are cut down for farming purposes ( or housing estates) in the cities. Can we do much better for Mother Earth – yes, most definitely, but a lot of us have had enough of the rot that is claimed as fact.

    1 REPLY
    • Get real, climate change is here in the world right now, idiots who hide their heads under the sand are fools. Governments are short term idiots, of course we all need solar panels on our houses, will they do this while we have that stupid Abbott on the throne? No.

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