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We asked and you gave us the best gardening tips that work for you, so here are the 7 most practical gardening ideas from the Starts at 60 community!

Gardening is a great way to start your day and get outside to enjoy the summer weather. Get the most out of your garden this summer with these simple recommendations. You’ll love playing in the dirt in no time at all. Plus, your garden will look spectacular all summer long.

1. Get started early in the morning 

  • Use your time wisely. It is cooler in the morning and so is the best time of day, especially in summer, to get your gardening done. Gardening in the heat of the day will cause you to hate the process even more! Plus, it is a great opportunity to water your plants. Don’t forget to always wear a hat and sunscreen too!

2. Water by hand

  • It may take a little longer but you can enjoy the peace and beauty of the garden, plus every plant will get just the amount of water it needs.

3. Mulch

  • Adding a layer of mulch to your garden helps to stop the top of the soil from drying out, keeps the soil moist and can reduce watering substantially. You’ll have to weed and water less and overall have healthier plants.

4. Check the weather

  • Keep up to date with the weather report so you can figure out the best watering and planting schedule for your garden.

5. Location, location, location

  • Take the time to scope out the best area of your garden to plant. Certain plants require more shade and others need the sun.

6. Plant for your lifestyle

  • If you don’t like working in the garden but enjoy a beautiful one to look at, we suggest removing all plants and putting in cactus, succulents and some rocks. It doesn’t require much upkeep or watering.

7. Trim and prune

  • When trimming and weeding always put your refuse straight into a big bag instead of making a big pile which you will later have to dispose of. It’ll save your back and double handling! Also try to eliminate weeds as they appear by spending a little time each week in the garden. It will out keep them until control.

Or, if you’re just not into gardening, simply hire a gardener 🙂

Thank you to all of those who contributed to this article! 


Do you like to garden? Do you have any other recommendations? Share with us below!

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  1. 1. Do not do anything in the morning as the heat of the day is to follow. Always do in the late afternoon evening especially in summer when you have the relative cool of the night for plants to cope.
    2. Do not hand water as most plants appreciate a deep wateeing once a week rather than a surface hand watering.
    Don’t know where you got your advice from but all you needed to do was Google it – from someone who owned a store advising customers how to look after their garden and vege patch.

  2. Those were mostly common sense tips. Some of mine for fruit and vegie garden are: 1. Keep a calendar marked for when you need to fertilise, mulch and do those jobs you may forget. 2. For fruit that you don’t want to donate to birds, possums etc use the bags that oranges and onions come in to cover them – large fruit trees are very difficult to cover with bird netting. 3. If you are starting a vegie garden, start small and plan where it will be – looking at how much sunshine you will get in the summer and also winter.

  3. Spend some time walking around your neighbourhood, talking to fellow gardeners and noting which plants thrive best locally. You’ll save money, time, effort, water, failure & discouragement by planting species that will be successful and to your personal taste.

  4. Before planting fruit trees, nuts and berries, visit large orchards & nuts & berry farms and actually sample varieties of each species for personal preference in taste & texture. Try before you buy.

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