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This is one of the best things we’ve ever found – it’s pure culinary gold! UK kitchens and interiors business, Kit Stone has put together and released an infographic with 50 of the most amazing cooking hacks you could ever know! Thanks to the Daily Mail for sharing it.

Some of these we hadn’t even heard or thought of before so it’s quite an exciting list!

Take a look today and tell us, what are your favourite kitchen hacks?



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  1. Always cook my rice with a wooden spoon resting across the top of the saucepan. As to getting rid of garlic smell on hands – I just wash my hands with bicarb, lovely smooth hands as well!

  2. We eat rice a lot and prefer a rice cooker, so easy to clean. We use the sandwich press to cook hash browns for the grandkids and chicken or small steak. Always get rid of onion and garlic smell by rubbing hands on the sink, Great ideas thanks for that.

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