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Have you ever seen those discarded wooden pallets lying around supermarket car parks or at the local dump? They’re more than just rubbish! Next time you spot a pallet lying about, keep these creative uses in mind!

1. Bin divider


Items needed:

  • Wooden pallet
  • Rubbish bags, or fabric bags – depending on how you intend to use your new stand
  • Wood varnish


  1. Coat your pallet in wood varnish and let dry
  2. Insert bags into the pallet
  3. Use!

This is an extremely versatile project. Use fabric bags to turn your pallet into laundry bag (one side for colours, the other for whites), plastic bags for rubbish (recycling and normal), or find your own use!

Source: 101 Pallets


2. Outdoor couch

Items needed:

  • Wooden pallets – to create the size of the couch in the image above, try using 9 palettes (it’s important to get good quality pallets without any rotting parts/damaged wood/loose nails/etc.)
  • Electrical saw (or hand saw if an electrical one is unavailable)
  • Couch cushions, or old foam mattresses
  • Your own choice of fabric (for reupholstering the cushions)
  • Sandpaper
  • Screws and electric drill


  1. Line your pallets up and decide how large you’d like your couch to be. If the pallets are too big, use your saw to trim them to a better size. Go over any rough areas of wood with some sandpaper.
  2. Lay out the pallets in the position you’d like the couch to be (whether in an ‘L’ shape like the image above, a straight line, or a square)
  3. Using the drill and screws, attach the pallets together along their joining sides
  4. Repeat this process with those pallets you wish to use for the back of the couch – make sure to use plenty of screws here. The back should be secured strongly enough that the weight of the pallet doesn’t effect the design. (If you’re worried about the back coming loose, position your couch against a wall.)
  5. Line up your mattresses/couch cushions and cut them to the same size as your couch
  6. Reupholster the newly sized cushions with your chosen fabric, then place on the pallets
  7. Enjoy!

Source: Instructables


3. Bookshelf


Items needed:

  • Wooden pallet
  • Blank wall
  • Paint or wood varnish (optional)
  • Hand or electric saw (optional)
  • Screws and electric drill


  1. If you have a large pallet, cut to desired size
  2. Paint or varnish
  3. Secure to wall using the screws and electric drill and use!

Source: 1001 Pallets


4. Shoe rack


Items needed:

  • Wooden pallet
  • Shoes


  1. Stand a pallet against a wall
  2. Place your shoes in the slats and store!


5. Pet bed

Items needed:

  • Small wooden pallet
  • Cushion


  1. Either leave the pallet organic and plain, or etch a design onto the wooden face
  2. Place a cushion into the pallet and present to your furry loved one!

Source: Interior Design Ideas


Have you found other creative uses for wooden pallets? Share your ideas with us below!

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  1. My brother in law is currently making a cubby house for his grandson – you guessed it, using wooden pallets.

  2. 2 REPLY
    • No Libbi, a friend of mine makes heaps of things from them & these are some photos he has for ideas, at the moment he is making a great outside table & chairs with a cut out in the middle of the table with a large metal bowl insert to put ice & drinks in, where he works he can get pallets for nothing & makes all sorts of things for just a few dollars.

  3. I agree Libbi….if only we had known…better than the bessar block and plank TV unit…..lol

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