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Jane Fonda recently celebrated her 77th birthday but this 1980s exercise queen and actress is definitely not slowing down! Fonda has just re-released her original aerobics workouts on DVD and digital download. Now, you’ll be able to get in shape and get nostalgic at the same time!

SHAPE magazine interviewed Fonda to find out more about why she’s re-releasing her workout videos. She remarked that so many people over the years have written to her saying “please, please, please, nothing works for me like your original workouts.” As well, people had lost the VHS so Fonda decided to share her fitness regiment once again. Her first video was released in 1982 and remains the best selling fitness video of all time.

When asked if she thinks her workouts are still relevant today, her response was that “people have been doing the original workouts consistently for the past 30 years. The music is great, but also the costumes that we wore! The hair! It’s so 80s, it’s so kitschy, it’s hysterical!”

Nowadays, Fonda’s favourite exercise is walking. She said “I don’t do classes because I’m 77 and I’ve had a hip replacement and a knee replacement, lower back surgery, and I have osteoarthritis. So I move slowly and very deliberately. I’m still moving! That is the key.” With that positive attitude, it’s hard not to love this fitness guru. What are you waiting for? Get your leg warmers ready!

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  1. I have sat and watched these exercise videos over and over again, and they haven’t worked for me yet!!!

  2. I’m so glad they are being reworked because I lent mine and that was that. Loved those moves,because they were all do able. I would have given my eye teeth for one of those sexy leotards and some of those weights. I used bags of rice.lol

  3. Well, I wouldn’t buy her video or anything else she makes. I haven’t forgotten the sixties when she was called Hanoi Jane, because of her open support to the enemy regime that were fighting and killing her fellow countryman. If she hadn’t been so rich and with a powerful family, she would probably have been put up against a wall and shot for treason.

  4. I used to work out to her videos! Loved them and want to get these re-runs to get fit again!

  5. Yes I used them and I lost about twelve kilos getting down to 62k. The lowest I ever was as an adult. But what we need is a DVD suitable for our age group. Now that would be interesting to see who that could be.

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