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We’ve got it in our bathroom cabinet and some of us use it every day, but did you know that a little tub of Vaseline/petroleum jelly has many more benefits than just as remedy for cracked lips?

Here’s 15 of the most unusual ways to use the ol’ Vaso! Which is your favourite?

1. Soothe cracked heels

Cracked heels can feel very sore indeed, which is where Vaseline can come in handy. Lather your feet with petroleum jelly and pop on some socks. Your feet will feel softer and smoother.

2. Protect your sore nose

In winter, it’s easy for our noses to get red from the cold and from illness. Dab some Vaseline around your nostrils to soothe the area.

3. Keep dye off your skin 

This trick will really help out if you dye your hair at home. Before you put your gloves on to apply the dye, use a finger to smear Vaso around your forehead, ears and nape of your neck. This will stop any dye getting on your skin.

4. Prevent chafing

If you’re prone to chafing, apply some Vaseline to the area.

5. Hide those split ends

Noticed some fly-aways? Smooth them down with a dab of jelly… but only a little!

6. Make perfume last longer

If your perfume doesn’t seem to be lasting the distance, apply some Vaseline before you spray to hold in the scent.

7. Remove makeup stains from clothing

Rub in some Vaseline before washing a makeup stain and it’ll come out in the wash.

8. Easy-open nail polish

Does your nail polish get hard to open? Rub some Vaso into the neck of your bottles and they won’t get stuck.


9. Repair wood furniture

Cover scratches with vaseline, let sit for 24 hours then rub into wood, wipe away and polish.

10. Remove a stuck ring

Over the years, our rings can swell over our fingers. If yours is getting a bit tight, put Vaseline on your finger and pull off easily.

11. Prevent rust

If you’re worried about a certain item getting rusty such as a car scratch or a door hinge outside, apply some Vaseline to stop the rust forming.

12. Keep shower curtains sliding

Shower curtains having trouble sliding along? Put Vaseline on the rail.

13. Candles

Get your candles out of the holder with no wax residue by coating in Vaseline before you put the candle in.

14. Keep shampoo out of eyes

Do you get shampoo in your eyes a lot? Put some Vaseline above your eyebrows to make the water drop to the side. This is great for your grandkids too!

15. Never have lipstick teeth again

Lipstick on your teeth can be embarrassing, especially if no one told you. Rub some petroleum jelly onto your teeth before you apply – this is a trick used by beauty pageant contestants!


Do you have any other Vaseline tips to add?

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  1. I use it as a sex aid. I put it on the bedroom door knob. Both sides. Kids cant in, she cant get out. BINGO!!!

    5 REPLY
  2. I was going suggest as a.sex aid, when my step passed away we found jars in virtually every room in the house

  3. Also as a more practical use is to use on your cars battery terminals to prevent the build which occurs around them

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