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Packing can be a very daunting process. Even if you think you’ve packed it all, there are still a few common items we tend to forget. We’ve all been there. Hopefully after reading this, the next time you travel, you will remember everything you need!

Below are 11 of the most forgotten items that you should definitely know about so you are prepared for your next trip.

1. Power board

  • It’s not something that seems very obvious but it’s a life saver when you’re travelling overseas. Power adapters/plugs can be expensive so it’s more logical to invest in a power board to use for all of your devices. Everything can be charged at once so you’ll be ready for your next adventure.

2. Laundry bag

  • How many of you have wished you packed a laundry bag on your holiday but didn’t think of it? If you’re travelling for a significant period of time, you’ll need to put your dirty clothes somewhere and keep your other clothes clean.

3. Reusable water bottle

  • Airports are very strict with bringing liquids onto the plane but you can still bring an empty reusable water bottle with you. Plus, bottled water in airports will cost you an arm and a leg. Reusable water bottles are more cost-effective, are a great way to stay hydrated and are environmentally friendly.

4. First aid kit

  • Have you ever noticed that accidents always seem to happen when you travel? It can be such a pain to track down a band aid for your blister or tissue for a runny nose in a foreign country, so invest in a small portable kit. Store it in your carry-on so you’re always prepared! Make sure the kit doesn’t contain any liquids over 100ml or sharp objects/scissors because you will not be allowed to bring it as your plane carry on.

5. Copies of travel documents

  • You cannot over plan when it comes to travel documentation. Always print a copy, or even an extra copy of your documents. This will ensure that you have identification or credit information if your wallet or bags are stolen and/or incase of emergency. Plus, if your phone is stolen or runs out of battery, you will still be able to check what hotel your staying at or what time your flight is at.

6. Extra memory card

  • We all like to document our holidays so be sure to pack an extra memory card. It can be very expensive and inconvenient to replace your memory card or find one abroad. Plus, you’ll have extra space on your camera to capture your once in a lifetime trip!

7. Camera charger

  • You probably check your camera before leaving to make sure it’s charged (that it still works) but what happens when the battery dies on your trip? There is nothing worse than realising you have forgotten the charger! To help you remember this, use a case that can fit your camera and charger.

8. Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • If you have an early morning flight, it may slip your mind to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste after using it. Then, you’ll have to pay more at the airport or find a local store to buy one later when you’re exhausted from travelling. It may be a good idea to use a new toothbrush and toothpaste for your travels so you can pack it in advance.

9. Hair brush

  • Similar to the toothbrush situation, it is easy to forget this item. Try to pack the brush that you like the day before and use a different one in the meantime.

10. Snacks

  • Even if you are just travelling locally, snacks are always a good thing to have handy. You could raid the fridge in a hotel but you’ll pay a hefty price for it. Have a few granola bars, nuts or other non-perishable items with you that won’t go to waste.

11. Underwear

  • Obvious and essential, yet regularly forgotten! Make sure your underwear is the first thing you put in your suitcase – problem solved.


Have you ever forgotten any of these items? Where will you be travelling to next? Tell us below. 

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  1. It’s never occurred to me to take a power board. I seem to carry enough chargers these days, even when some double up. The others I always take.

  2. My hubby once forgot to bring any t shirts and had to buy some. He also forgets pyjamas and a comb. I may have to do his packing from now on.
    I always take a power board and a small digital radio in Oz. Very handy.

  3. Off to fiji next week, sorted some clothes out this morning cos I got a busy week and when I read the headline to this article I remembered my hat, so bounced up and put it with my stuff, lol. Thanks sos.

    2 REPLY
  4. I have taken a power board for a couple of years but have found them a bit bulky and heavy. Recently bought this nifty solution from a EBay. Much lighter and works brilliantly.

    2 REPLY
    • Judi, can you tell me if this has enough power for an iPad. An electrician told me it would take about 24 hrs to charge one. I think they are great and will be getting one

    • Won’t charge my MacBook and you should use the correct wattage Charger for each device.

  5. I am a frequent traveler and I always carry a power bank with me in my bag. It is handy to charge your iphone or ipad while on the plane or bus when your equipment go low bat, It can be recharge together with your other gadgets while waiting at the airport. It is also handy to use packing cell, to keep all your clothes tidy in your suitcase and carry on luggage. They are in different sizes and light weight. . A traveler must always pack extra change of clothes, underwear and foot wear in the carry on luggage.

  6. I would never be accused of forgetting anything, I need a spare plane for my stuff. Lol. And I pack way ahead of time and repack a lot. I think I need help. Lol

    2 REPLY
    • I do lots of travel and as I literally backpack, my packing list is minimal. This is my list:
      2 good sets includes wearing on plane set
      3-4 ordinary sets of clothes; both short/long sleeve (possible for layering)
      Pj x 2..possible use as casual clothes
      Underwear 4
      Sm travel towel and a Chux; wipe off majority of water and then towel dry
      Cheap disposable plastic raincoat
      Bathroom bag ….toothpaste, toothbrush brush, perfume, deodorant, floss, hair brush
      Shoes ….good and comfortable walking other
      Torch and ear plugs
      Sm line and 6 pegs
      Zip lock bags and 2 snack options eg box of muesli bars, nuts or dried fruit
      Ipad and phone and chargers…power board
      All documents on iPad and backed up to Box (iCloud type app)
      Money pouch (if going overseas)

  7. Have just bacpacked Asia for 2 months and a power board would have been extra weight and space. Just charge your tech stuff one thing at a time eg computer/tablet during the day and camera/smart phone at night.

  8. Have just bacpacked Asia for 2 months and a power board would have been extra weight and space. Just charge your tech stuff one thing at a time eg computer/tablet during the day and camera/smart phone at night. What I found indispensable was a small torch.

  9. Passport , money , credit cards , glasses stuff for my contact lenses . That’s it !! Everything else can be bought ! Washed , borrowed , lived without . Don’t worry so much

  10. I’ve been taking a power board for a long time now, even when visiting family in Australia. There are often not enough power points in the bedroom and it saves clogging up their plugs. I also take an over door hanger and a small night light – if I want to read at night it can be very handy and much easier than trying to read with a torch.

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