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Simple and fun suggestions of how you can enjoy the festive season with your furry friends…


1. Decorate your home

Our pets find the festive decorating process fascinating. Let your pets help you as you decorate your tree and home. Remember to watch out for tinsel which can hurt your pets if ingested and keep that tree pet-proof! Kittens are especially inclined to try to climb trees and we know what dogs do against trees!


2. Buy presents for your pet

This is a great time to invest in a new toy, food bowl or collar. Choosing a pressie for your pet is fun. Unlike acquiring gifts for family and friends, you know exactly what your pet needs and likes. Wrap it up and see if they can unwrap it themselves on Christmas Day.


3. A special treat

Everyone overeats at Christmas time but you can ensure your pet remains healthy. It is fine to indulge them a little, however, with a special treat. You could even teach them a new trick. Watch out for food your pets shouldn’t eat such as onions (in turkey stuffing), sultanas, grapes, avocados, chocolate and alcohol.


4. Curl up together

Holiday season should be a time to relax and there is nothing your cat or dog loves more than to curl up by your side and relax. Snooze together.


5. Take a new walk with your dog

With a little more time on your hands, why not try a new location for your dog walk. Head to the bush, the beach (make sure they are dog-friendly areas) or a new off-leash park where both of you can make new friends.


6. Save those boxes

If you receive any gifts in boxes this year, save the box. Cats love them. They are often more likely to play with a box than with any toy you buy them! Cut some holes in the box to place toys through, or your fingers, if you are brave!


7. Go on holiday

Everybody needs a change of scene occasionally to recharge the batteries. With no many holiday homes being pet friendly these days, you can take your pet with you. Just remember that puppies chew holiday homes too and that your holiday home may not appreciate fleas coming along. Keep your pet’s parasite protection up to date and bring your pet’s toys, beds and occupying toys along. More about travel with pets here.


8. Consider those less fortunate

At Christmas time, it can feel like we have everything – family surrounding us, presents galore, a gluttony of food! Not everyone is as lucky as we are so why not consider a shelter donation or spare a day to volunteer at your local shelter and help those pets less fortunate than yours.


9. Photo time

Photos make memories so make sure you include your pet in all your family snaps this festive season. If your pet will tolerate it you can dress them in a Santa hat, a collar with bells or even antlers. Of course, you should be looking equally silly yourself!


10. Dance

Ok, so you may be no Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire but together, you and your pet can groove. Pick your small pets up, let large pets weave between your legs and sway to the beat. Pets love your enthusiasm for music and dance. Try it!


How may of these are you planning with your pet? What else do you like to do to celebrate holiday season with your pet? Share with us below.

Dr Jo Righetti

Passionate animal behaviourist and Purina Petcare ambassador, Dr Jo has worked with pets for more than a decade and has been a media favourite, with appearances on Totally Wild, Creature Features, Body & Soul Magazine and The Project. With a PhD in Animal Behaviour, a Degree in Zoology and a Diploma in Counselling under her belt, Dr Jo provides support to individual pet owners, governments and commercial companies on how to best nurture relationships between animal and human.

  1. My pet is family so she has prezzies under tree and will have lots of healthy treats too. She loves the family being around.

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