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Need more space to store your books? Or, simply looking for a little homemade activity? We’ve found 10 easy and clever ways to build your own bookshelf. Not only will it be a great way to store your extra books, it will also make your home more unique. These bookshelves are so much cooler than anything you could buy from a store.

Enjoy these 10 fantastic DIY bookshelf ideas.


1. Belted bookshelf


Cable spool
2. Repurpose a cable spool into a bookcase


Wine crate

3. Wine crate wall shelves


Magazine holder

4. Magazine holder bookshelf


Fabric shelves

5. Hanging fabric shelves




6. Ladder bookshelves


Wine bottle 7. Wine bottle and wood bookshelf


Invisible shelf

8. Invisible bookshelf


Pallet shelves



9. Pallet shelves



10. Shelves made with industrial pipes


Source: Pinterest

Have you ever made your own bookshelf? Will you try any of these suggestions? Share with us below!

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  1. Ahh, books, in a hundred years they will only exist in museums, we are so lucky to have lived now. Love these book cases.

  2. Absolutely love the READ bookshelf, but its book size is limited.

  3. I love the first “READ” book case. Any possibilities of getting a dimensional design for this?

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