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Whether you call it an elastic or rubber band, this product that was invented to hold papers and envelopes together actually has plenty more uses. This is good news because most of probably have an ample supply of rubber bands. They sneak their way into our homes via newspapers or bundles of papers and never get a second thought; they’re likely stashed away in a junk drawer somewhere. So what to use them for?

There are many other tricks for the rubber band that you can use all over your house. It will soon be the unsung hero of your home, offering an easy way to keep things organised and fix your day-to-day problems. They are just the perfect all-around little helpers.

Here are ten clever uses for rubber bands….


1. Add a rubber band to your hangers so your clothes don’t fall off



2. Pack your clothes by rolling them up and holding them together with rubber bands



3. Stop the cutting board from slipping



4. Remove a stripped screw – twist away!


5. Never get locked out again



6. Remove lid of tight cap. This can be great for jars in the kitchen and for nail polish. The rubber band will give you better grip.



7. Wipe excess paint from the brush every time with no fuss



8. Keep your ribbon from unspooling



9. Arrange flower heads together in a vase



10. Bookmark by sliding it over the page you’re on





Tell us, have you ever tried these?

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  1. Or inelastic bands as Julius Sumner Miller used to call them – because in a strictly scientific sense they are stretchy but not elastic.

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