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Starting your plants indoors for their eventual outdoor transfer doesn’t have to mean buying little pots. And you don’t want to buy things you’ll only use once a year.

The next time you’ve used your lemons or grapefruits, don’t toss the rind way. They make the perfect spot for your seedling to start a new life?

With planting season fast approaching, why not try this clever trick?

Poke a hole in the bottom for drainage, put some soil in and your herbs and other small plants can be simply grown on the counter, then brought outside and planted whole in the ground.

Yes! You can start a seedling like this. Photo: My Roman Apartment.
Yes! You can start a seedling like this. Photo: My Roman Apartment.

According to compost fans, citrus peels are good for the mix. Good luck!

Have you tried this trick? What other unusual and creative ways have you grown your seedlings?

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  1. Nice tip – egg shells are good too. But I’ve always been told not to put citrus in compost?

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  2. love how the photo is mint. grows anywhere an then takes over as a weed. egg shell need to be crushed but as per Angus on the gardening show, Citrus is not a problem

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    • Ithe only things I don’t use in my compost or should I say feed my compost are onions and meat of any type

  3. I am growing seedlings in my grandkids old bath toys. They have drain holes already in the base. Like little pots, perfect

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