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If you cook eggs all the time, you may have noticed that extremely fresh ones are difficult to peel when hard-boiled.

This is because in fresh eggs, the environment inside is less acidic, making the egg white stick to the inner shell.

If you’re lucky, you could get a fairly complete egg out of the process, it’s just that it will be filled with craters and not to mention takes ages to finish peeling.

How to peel eggs quickly?


All you have to do is this: Put a lemon wedge into the water while you boil the eggs. That’s it. Peeling should be a breeze with this trick.



Another trick is to drain the hot water used for boiling and replace with cold water, put some ice in if possible. Some people put the pot under running cold tap water and the result? Easily peeled eggs! Tell us how you go…


Have you experienced the same with fresh eggs? Do you know any other egg peeling tricks?

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  1. When eggs have cooked place in a jar with cold water and shake vigorously for a few seconds.Egg shell will crack and peel easily.It works

  2. My Mother taught me, when I a child, the info in your last paragraph.
    Still do it to this day, & it still works!
    I just crack them on the kitchen sink side, & peel off shell. It goes into compost!

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