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It’s always the situations where you desperately need a torch that you realise you should always have one handy.

Unfortunately, this revelation usually comes a little too late and by the time the situation is over you forget all about how great it would be to have a torch on you and you move on. Until the next time you need one…

Well, next time you are fumbling for the torch here is a helpful tip, your smart phone actually has a torch built into it.

As long as you have it nearby (and charged) you will have a constant source of light whenever you need!

Activating the torch could not be easier!

Here is how you do it for an iPhone:

  • Press the ‘home’ button, or the ‘lock’ button on the side (or top if you have an older iPhone) to activate your screen.
  • A small bar will appear down the bottom of the touch screen, swipe up and you will see a full menu.


  • On the bottom left hand side you will see a torch icon, if you press that light will shine out of the flash used for the camera at the back of the phone.


  • To deactivate un-press the button.

If you have a Samsung: 

  1. If you are not using your phone already you will need to start by unlocking it.
  2. Slide your finger from the top of the screen down and a menu will appear.
  3. At the bottom of the first menu an extra arrow will appear, click this.
  4. You will see a torch option which you can select.


Have you used this torch function before?

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  1. I have an old samsung galaxy S and cannot find torch anywhere?

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