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When it comes to organising your home one of the most difficult areas to keep tidy is the bathroom cupboards. For most women this is due to the sheer number of products we have, a lot of which are very small.

My personal problem is bobby pins! As soon as you open a fresh packet they all seem to disappear. No matter how hard you try to keep them altogether. They are so tiny that they are buried at the bottom of drawers or makeup bags or even blending in with your carpet.

Another issue is nail clippers and scissors, I can never find them when I need them. So in order to combat this I went searching for a super bathroom organisation idea to help.

I stumbled across this beauty, and it can help with more than just bobby pins. All you need is to purchase a strip of magnet from the office supply store and stick it to the inside of your cupboard. Sticking it to the door is probably the easiest option as you can open it and have all of your essentials ready to go.

Your bobby pins, nail clippers, tweezers and any other metal objets will stay put on the strip and you won’t need to go searching again! If you have other products you need to use on a daily basis but aren’t metal, like creams, make up or eye drops, you can just stick a bit of magnet onto the back of them so they stay on the strip as well.

So simple and you won’t have to go searching through drawers again!

Will you try it?

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