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Wherever possible I always try to drink from straws, my Grandma always told me that it was better for your teeth. Whether that be true or not it is a habit I have gotten into my whole life. Her theory, and many others, was that the sugars and caffeine which can damage your teeth will come in less contact with them if you drink through a straw.

But there is one annoying thing about straws, they never stay in place! If you are trying to hold a conversation with friends there is nothing more awkward than swirling your tongue around searching for the straw that is no longer where you left it. Or even worse still, poking yourself in the eye or nose when your straw raises out of the can.

Well, there is one quick and super simple trick to hold your straw in place and stop it from raising out or moving around. All you need to do is fold the tab of the can over and slide your straw through the back hole.

Like this:

040416_soft_drink_can_1 040416_soft_drink_can_2

So next time you are drinking a nice cold soft drink, don’t fold the tab back after you have cracked it, leave it overhanging the opening and put your straw through it!

Do you drink out of straws?

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