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Looking for some craft inspiration for the weekend? Well, look no further than these no-sew cushion covers…

I recently moved house and went from a modern studio apartment to an older three bedroom Queenslander. I absolutely love my new home but I don’t think my modern, bright and patterned cushions suit the classic style.

I was telling my mum I had found some white covers that I was going to purchase, but at $30.00 each I wasn’t sure I could justify the price. Then she told me that her friend had showed her a tutorial on how to make your own cushion covers which required no sewing… just some fabric and folding.

Here is how you do it: 

  • Take a large piece of fabric and fold one edge in so it is closer to a square shape.
  • Lay it pattern side down and in a diamond shape.
  • Place your cushion on the top corner closest to you so that the edge of the cushion makes a triangle shape from the fabric.
  • Roll the cushion once so that it ends up in the centre of the square and straighten the fabric around it, ensuring that the cushion is tightly covered.
  • Fold the other end of the fabric in half and then fold it onto the cushion so that the edge comes to the centre of the cushion.
  • Fold in the ends of the fabric as if you are wrapping a gift to make the ends look neater.
  • Bring both ends to the middle of the cushion and tie a double knot.
  • Straighten out the fabric and tuck the tails of the bow under each side.

Here is a short video that shows you how to do it. I can’t wait to give it a go, I think it will look lovely in burlap or simple off-white fabric.

Will you try it?

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