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It might seem trivial but trying to put on a bracelet by yourself can be really difficult! Usually the first point of call is to lay the bracelet down, put your wrist over it, pull up one side and then as you go to pull up the other one side falls.

Here starts the vicious cycle of pulling up one side and then the other over and over again hoping, for some unknown reason, that the next time you do it the other side will stay.

I got the most gorgeous bracelet for christmas a few years ago and this would always happen. So much so that one day I was so frustrated at trying to do it up in the car on my own that I threw it in the side door. I never saw that sparkling beauty again… Next time I checked it wasn’t there. I assume that it fell out one day when I opened the door and some lucky lass found it on her afternoon walk.

Let this be a lesson to everyone, frustration when putting on a bracelet is dangerous! Luckily the internet has, once again, saved the day. And once again we can’t believe we didn’t think of this genius hack earlier.

All you need is a paperclip and you’re on your way.

  • Fold the paper clip out so it’s in an S shape.
  • Lay your bracelet on a flat surface and place your wrist over it.
  • Hook one side of the paperclip through the non-clasp side of the bracelet.
  • Hold the paperclip up with your thumb and index finger.
  • Bring the clasp up to the other side and you can easily clip it on.

Seriously it is that easy! A paperclip will now be permanent feature in my jewellery drawer.

Will you try it?

Check out this video which shows how quick and easy it can be:

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  1. Why do you call all the tips you give us ‘lifehacks’ we are not 16 or 20 year old we are over60. This is annoying me so much I am considering deleting your page even though I like to read the articles.

  2. Will the same idea work for hooking up a bra when you can’t do it because of a shoulder or arm injury?

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