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Is there anything worse than trying to figure out which key is which on a keyring? You try each one and it’s always the last one that works. What if there was an easy, cheap way to do it?

We’ve found a solution and it’ll cost around $2 or free if you have the product.

All you need to do is get nail polish in different colours and paint the end of your key (not the actual key bit as this could ruin your lock). You could colour code each key according to what you use it for (red for front door, blue for back door etc) or you could paint just one.

Another cool idea is to get glow in the dark nail polish and paint the end of your key so when you’re rifling through your bag at night, you can find your door key straight away.

How great is that!?

via Judith J Riviera YouTube
via Judith J Riviera YouTube

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  1. I think the trouble with these ideas s that a) the nail varnish very soon flakes off the metal surface, and b)the glow-in-the-dark varnish needs to be exposed to bright light before it gets its glow – that isn’t going to happen to keys kept in a handbag! Did you know you can get keys cut nowadays made from different coloured blanks? That’s what I’ve been doing for many years and it works well.

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    • You can also get different colour plastic covers to put on keys. For one of my birthdays my dear husband got me coloured aluminium keys. Love them & lighter to carry as well.

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