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Do you have a favourite pair of jeans that you have worn for years and years? I do, and as a result of how much I love them the zipper has worn and is now a little loose.

Of course, I still wear them! But I am constantly in fear of my fly being undone in public. I find myself checking the zip constantly and wearing bigger jumpers and tops to cover the zip incase it does pop open.

If you are in a similar predicament, this little trick I found might be of use. It is so quick and easy that you can even duck of to the shopping centre bathrooms to fix it if it takes you by surprise when you’re out and about.

All you need is a key ring, if your out take your house keys off and use it as a temporary fix, but if you know of a pair of pants that could do with some zip support you could buy a cheap one to try it out.

All you need to do is open the key ring and attach it to the small hole that is at the top of the zip. Then zip up your pants and loop the key ring around the button of your pants before you button your pants up.

Has this happened to you? Will you try this trick?

Here is a little video to demonstrate:

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  1. I have been using a small curtain ring for many years on jeans and any type of pant with a zipper, same result

  2. Great idea I have always used a small (but getting bigger as my eyesight gets worse with age) safety pin across the top of the zip will be getting a couple of curtain or small key rings next time I shop and leave them permantly attached Thanx

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