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Sometimes cleaning solutions can come in many forms. From using household products to even fruits, the possibilities are endless. This time, Starts at 60 is sharing another life hack to clean your mattress, and no, not it doesn’t use vinegar but something that might surprise you a little — vodka!

That’s right, vodka can be used as a way to clean your mattress, which is often an overlooked task, even though you sleep — i.e., sweat — on it every night.

The alcohol kills odour-causing bacteria while it also disinfects the mattress—unlike cleaning sprays that often only mask smells with a scent.

What do you do with the vodka?

Simply pour vodka into a spray bottle, distribute it evenly across your mattress by spritzing and leave it to air-dry before remaking your bed.

“The key is to spritz the mattress lightly — you don’t want to saturate it, or else it will never dry,” says cleaning expert Jolie Kerr.

Once dry, you can also spray some essential oils to your mattress to keep it fresh. It’s really up to you if you want to use a relaxing scent like lavender or a cleaning oil like Thieves.

Ideally, before you get into the vodka, do vacuum your mattress first as it helps to remove the dust, dead skin cells and other debris that lands on your mattress and accumulates over time.

Happy cleaning!

Have you ever needed to clean your mattress? Have you tried this hack?

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  1. “Ideally, before you get into the Vodka”? – yes, I can just imagine it. One spritz for the mattress, one spritz into the mouth. Another spritz onto the mattress, another spritz into the mouth, etc. Maybe add a tad of Orange As that relaxing scent?! LOL

    1 REPLY
    • i’m so old i remember when vodka came in one flavour..!!??

  2. Oils or Orange As would leave a greazy film and collect more debris!

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