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If you’re reading this you’ve probably, at some point in your life, been to a child’s birthday party where once the birthday candles have been blown out, those little hands and mouths frantically await for their slices of cake. And the adult who is unfortunate enough to be standing nearest the cake will not have to cut fast but cut well so they don’t mess up the pretty cake!

Have you ever been that person? Have you ever wished there were a magic way to cut even slices in seconds without using a dangerously sharp metal object?

And let’s not forget those cakes that we proudly decorate only to stay pretty up to being cut because the knife makes a mess out of it.

Well, this Instructables hack will let you cut any cake (without hard icing) with precision without a knife.

All you need is dental floss! Cut a piece of floss plenty longer than your cake’s width and then wrap the two ends around each of your forefingers a few times. After that, you can start “cutting” the cake. Easy!

cut cake with dental floss
Photo: Instructables.

Have you tried this trick?

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  1. Also useful for cutting a cake in half horizontally to fill it. Place dental floss right round the cake, then tie the ends loosely with a half knot. Check floss is correctly positioned round the cake, adjusting as necessary. Then firmly pull the two ends of the floss until you have cut right through and have your two layers.

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    • Oh wow – I wish I’d known that years earlier! Thanks so much!

  2. If you let one end go after each cut and pulled it through rather than lift it back up, it would give a neater surface finish without bits showing as per video.

  3. Jean and Pamela – You’ve both improved on a great idea with two more fantastic tips! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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