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If you don’t have an environmentally friendly bags you will find that the plastic variety seem to pile up quickly! I always try to remember my environmentally friendly bag but sometimes I will forget and end up collecting a few plastic bags from my trip. It is always good to re-use these as much as possible, so when I do get them I collect them in a cupboard for a time when they will be needed again.

This results in a cupboard that is messy and unorganised. To be honest, I don’t keep anything else in this cupboard because I hate having to open it and fight the flood of plastic bags that come tumbling out.

I didn’t want to purchase a holder for them so I searched for another way to store them and I found a quick and easy solution, I didn’t even need to buy anything!

All you need is an empty tissue box and your bags.

Here is how you do it:

  • Take one of your bags and hold it at both ends, pushing out an air that might be trapped inside.
  • Push the bag into the tissue box as neatly as you can so that it sits as flat as possible but leave the handles hanging out of the box.


  • Take your next bag and hold it at each end, pushing any trapped air out.
  • Thread the bottom of the second bag through the handles of the first bag.


  • Now begin to lay this second bag into the box on top of the first.


  • Again, leave the handles out and repeat with however many you have until you fill the box.

When you need to use a bag next they will easily pull out one by one just like the tissues would. You can even add some decorations to the tissue box if you want.

Will you try this?

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  1. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years

  2. What a BRILLIANT idea!! I, too, have a cabinet filled to way over flowing with plastic grocery store bags. To add insult to injury, California has just signed into Law a Bill saying that we may no longer use plastic bags OR paper bags for groceries or anything else. Well, at least I have a great way to store my plastic bags, for the time being…lol 🙂

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