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A video has surfaced on the internet showing a pet groomers shaving cats and dogs to turn them into “art”.

One cat was shown to be held down to be shaven into a dinosaur while some dogs had teddy bears, lions and words carved into their hair.

Photo: YouTube.
Photo: YouTube.

While the groomers seemed to be concentrating on their “art”, the poor pets looked like they had no idea why they had to wait for such a long time to be groomed.

The cat, presumably Persian, which was shaven to look like a dinosaur, look extremely terrified throughout the entire time.

The owners looked pleased with how their pets turn out but this video has sparked outrage with animal lovers calling this an act of cruelty.

Photo: YouTube.
Photo: YouTube.

Some people think it’s okay to do this as long as the animals are not in pain but some are saying that turning animals into objects, even art, is unethical.

Just look at these pets being “groomed”…

Would you ever do this to your pet?

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  1. Disgusting! These animals are obviously not loved pets, but articles to be used. I see the cat ‘dinosaur’ was done in Taiwan…………typically Asian countries have no feelings for animals.

  2. By all means groom your pets, but this is animal cruelty! The poor little cat was terrified!!

  3. Most vital info is missing: how long do these unneccessary procedures take?

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