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It’s so easy for shoes to start stinking up and if you wear shoes inside the house, that smell is something you’d want to tackle.

Shoe deodorisers can be a little pricey and if you have to buy them all the time, you’ll be spending a lot of money.

So, why not try this cheap and simple trick?

Besides sprinkling soda bicarbonate in your shoes and leaving them overnight, here’s another trick you can do.

1. Once you’ve finished drinking your tea, don’t toss the tea bags out. Instead, let them dry completely.

2. Stuff at least one tea bag into each pair of shoes. It will help remove unpleasant odours. Easy!

This trick works great in sports shoes or any shoe that absorbs moisture which usually leads to a bad smell.

You can also put any citrus peels from an orange, grapefruit, lime or lemon in the shoe and leave overnight.

Take it out in the morning and see how the smell of your shoe has improved.
Here’s a video on other uses of used tea bags…

Would you try this tip?

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  1. More commercialism. You are not born with smelly feet. Clean shoes, clean socks, watch what you eat – find your problem. Nylon material for example doesn’t breath

  2. A used teabag, dampened if it has dried out, stops oven burns not only from hurting but stops scars from the burns.

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