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Do you feel like clothes sizes are just all over the place these days? A piece of clothing with the same measurements can be ‘L’ in one store but ‘M’ in another.

So relying on the labels can be tricky unless you’re a regular at a store.

But what if you’re shopping at the markets where you can’t try something on? Or even at someone’s garage sale where trying something on isn’t convenient?

According to Esquire, there’s a simple trick that you can do to see if a pair of pants will fit you.

All you need to do is button the pants up, and then make a fist. Slide your forearm into the waist width and if the pants fit comfortable on your arm, they should do the same around your middle section.

What’s the biggest challenge when shopping clothes at markets?

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  1. I will give this a try next time I buy pants.

  2. I don’t understand… My fist is much smaller than my forearm. Do you mean. The length from your wrist to your elbow is half your waist?

  3. I’m confused too. I assume they mean you put your arm in from the fist to elbow across the waist band. But what if you have a big belly? The extra waist size isn’t going to be reflected in your forearm length.

  4. So as my waist size increases my forearm will get longer to match?

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