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We all know that women are analytical and men literal. Well, here’s a little story that highlights the point.

Every woman who reads this will shake her head… but men will understand.

A man leaves for work. His wife calls out as he goes, “On your way home, will you call in to the supermarket and get me a litre of milk? Oh, and while you’re there, check to see if they’ve got extra large eggs. If they have, get me six”.

That night, as he arrives home, the wife says, “Did they have the extra large eggs?”

“Yes,” he replies, as he puts six litres of milk in the fridge.

Bet you know an instance of this. Would you care to tell?

Thanks to John for sending this one in. If you want to read some other great jokes, click here. Or to submit one of your own to share with the Starts at 60 community, click here.

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  1. This is so true, love it. I send hubby out to buy toothpaste and he comes home with 6 different ones, just in case he said.

  2. Men do not listen.

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    • How can anyone say men do not listen? He did (and purchased) exactly what he was told to do. Moral of the story? Men need specific instructions…or a list.

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      • yes, a lot of women, unfortunately are just like that too, and do tend to shout out orders so to speak…… men would not be allowed to in some households… I always gave a list but my husband would come home with a pile of food he wanted as well, sometimes forgetting to get the one thing we needed… but hom hum… that’s life.
        no-one is perfect and we would then sit down and enjoy the bounty he had brought home…. He loved his food, and so do I..

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