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An old lady gets on a bus. She sits in the only available seat, next to two guys with thick accents. She can’t help but overhear the conversation:

“Deanne comes first. Then I come, by two asses. Next, I come again, with the two asses. Then, I come and pee twice. In the end, I come all alone.”

The woman turns around, having heard enough. “Young man,” she screams, “this is a public bus and I am dignified lady and I have no interest in hearing this filth that you are spewing! Would you please be quiet!”

And the guy says “Lady, I’ll try to keep it down, but it’s actually filthy to spell Mississippi.”

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  1. I’ve had incidents arise on busses I drive when this sort of thing occurs, just remember it’s not compulsory to speak english in Australia. and It’s not against the law to tip the driver either.

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  2. There’s another way to spell that American river. Mi crooked letter, crooked letter I, crooked letter, crooked letter I, hump back, hump back I; Mississippi!

  3. 2 jug with attached saucers and established plants and pick cup with holes drilled by me. $10 the lot

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