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A woman was trying to persuade her elderly mother about wonderful the internet was although the reaction was – and always had been – very negative.

“You can get answers to any question you ask,” she told her mother.

“OK,” said her mother finally. She sat down in from of the computer, made herself comfortable and put on her reading glasses. “What now?” she asked.

“Now I am going to open the home page of Google which is what we call a search engine. It can find you the answer to anything within a second or two,” the daughter said.

The page opened and she said to her mother, “Now type in your question mother.”

The old lady looked doubtful but with her daughter’s encouragement and assurance about the magic of the internet, she started to slowly type in her question.

“How is my friend Gertrude this morning?”


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  1. And the one about the lady who was told by the man on the phone to ‘right click’ and she said that she had, this went on for a while, with him repeating the instruction. She got exasperated in the end and said ‘I’ve written click about 20 times now….!’

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  2. ha ha…like when I had to ring my local bank…I could only use the national number. I asked to be put through to the local branch, the lady said…that she wouldn’t because she could help me. So my question was this…”did I leave my sunglasses on the counter this morning.” She put me through.

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