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It’s not uncommon to see lots of people surrounding buskers as they perform their magic to the crowd. But furry friends? That’s exactly what happened when this man was strumming on his guitar. At the start, it appeared that his music attracted one kitten which seemed captivated by his tunes. Before he know it, more kittens came and actually made an audience of four. Just see how cute they are, swaying to the music and just paying attention to the melody right until the end. You know you’re good when even cats can be charmed by your talent.

The man was playing a song called ‘Keindahan Pantai’ by Malaysian singer, M. Shariff, at what appears to be a food stall. Could it be the lyrics that attracted this cute audience to tune in?

Mari kawan-kawanku semuanya (Come all my friends)
Ke pantai (To the beach)
Untuk menghiburkan hati yang (To entertain the heart)
Sedang duka lara (That’s feeling sad)

How cute are his new feline friends? Have you witness a cute thing like this happen right in front of you?

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  1. That is just SO beautiful to see!
    The little kittens are all paying attention to his strumming, & singing, & he’s engaging with them, too!

    I hope they didn’t run away, & stayed, listening to more!

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