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From time to time the internet brings us beauty such as this… Chan Clayrene, a visual artist in Singapore is living her dream on social media — Instagram to be precise — by painting her favourite haute couture and dream gowns.

Her work is nothing short of stunning, but her method of painting is something quite unique.

When it comes to her paint, Chan doesn’t use oils, she’s not into watercolour either. No, it appears Chan has found her niche by using tiny bottles of nail polish to create her masterpieces.

“Nail polish is one of my favourite cosmetics,” Chan says.

She loves nail polish because it gives a glossy shine and generates a sort of new life to otherwise ordinary looking nails.

Do what you love, Love what you do. ❤️. photo credit : @flowingada #louboutinworld #beautelouboutin #artclaytion

A photo posted by Chan Clayrene (@artclaytion) on

We liked her paintings so much we just had to share them with you.

A quick look at her Instagram account reveals Chan is quite a talent. Not only can she illustrate using nail polish, but she has a way of seeing and creating the most beautiful imagery using her natural surroundings as her inspiration.

Princess Rosirella, 3D papercut with Rose, Nov 2015. #artclaytion #instaartmovement #theoldengland

A photo posted by Chan Clayrene (@artclaytion) on

Her work appears to just leap off the page.

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  1. Masterful,. colourful, creative. Splendid idea. I wish I could leave something unique to this world before I die. I must start thinking.

  2. Not only are her dress designs beautiful but her method of showing them off is incredible, using nail varnish as paint is most original and creative.

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