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An Irish builder employed a young apprentice. His first job was to nail weatherboards onto a shed. The builder showed him how to align, support and nail the board, then turned away to start another job. A half hour later, he returned to see how the apprentice was doing.

Some progress had been made but the builder watched as the young man reached into his nail bag, drew out a nail, threw it over his shoulder, reached in again and drove the next nail. This happened a number of times. The builder, bemused, approached the apprentice.

“What are you doing, throwing away perfectly good nails like that?” he asked.

“Some of them are no good, you see. They have the points on the wrong end,” came the reply.

“No, no, NO, lad! You keep them for the other side of the building!”


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  1. Why an Irish builder? Try ‘A builder’, see how much nicer that is, no nationality needed and no racism. You know, I will keep commenting like this, until you learn to think about racism, that casual middle class racism that trips off the thoughtless tongue with ease.

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    • Excuse me but how dare you classify other commentators as Middle class . . You have no idea what class they might be . . I think you are guilty of what you accuse . .

  2. S. Susan is correct the ethnicity adds nothing to the joke, the joke would have been just as funny if it was about a builder and would not have offended some. Why would you want to keep offending some of your readers?

  3. time someone reported you to facebook …you cop a 30 day ban for racism comments …( any race )

  4. Being of Irish descendants, I have no problem with Irish jokes, they are usually very very funny……I might add that I am blonde also…do I get upset at blonde jokes…No…….for heaven’s sake…where is your sense of humour…build a bridge … have little to grizzle about.

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    • Thanks, Colleen. There are those who will never understand. The Irish have the most incredible sense of humour and an ability to ‘take the Mickey’ on themselves better than anyone else I know. I repeated the story as told to me by an Irish relative several years ago. My maternal family is Irish and I have Irish-born cousins. What do we tell when we all get together? Irish yarns, naturally! Oh, and Australian and Pom and Yank and Kiwi…

  5. someone should report you to facebook ( I can’t be bothered )
    a monarchist page like yours should know that only Phil the Greek can insult and mock a race or culture ..

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