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An Australian jackaroo was asked to take an American on a guided tour of a stud property out west.

They came to the prime Hereford cattle first. “Very nice animals but we grow them bigger and better where I come from”, said the Yank.

Next came the prize winning Merino sheep. “Mighty fine animals, says the yank “but we grow them bigger and better where I come from”.

And so the story stays the same for the pigs and horses and all the other prize winning animals.

As they were heading home around dusk, a big red kangaroo hopped across the road. “What is that!” said the yank in amazement.

“That’s an Australian grasshopper, beat that ya mug”!


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  1. Reminds me of a friend who went to America. He heard a lot about how much bigger and better everything in America is. His guides took him to see some alligators, warning that they were very big and dangerous, so he commented “they’re not large, in Australia we call them lizards, you should see our crocodiles”.

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