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In a restaurant a waiter delivered two entrees, two main courses and two desserts to an elderly couple and he is fascinated when the man tucks into his meal showing every sign of satisfaction while his wife doesn’t touch a morsel and just sits patiently watching him.

Cautiously, he approaches their table.

“Excuse me madam,” he says, “I can’t help but notice that you haven’t touched your meal. Is there anything wrong?”

The lady looks up, “Oh no, young man. It’s just his turn for the teeth.”

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  1. Mike here-waiter delivered both meals to the table, thecouple got tucked into them, shortly after the waiter came over & said “excuse me sir, madam, is there someting wrong with your food? Neither of you has taken a photo of it”.

  2. Ha ha ha. I used this story over 20 years ago. I worked along side a bloke who had no teeth. New employees used to comment on his lack of dentures. I used to tell them the bloke and his missus only had one set of dentures between them. She tucked in and had a big lunch with the “choppers” and the bloke got his turn at teatime at night when she handed the “choppers” over.

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