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Bucket lists are based on the principle that life is short, so we need to make the most of it with every passing day. But why should that same logic not extend into our bedrooms?

Dr Nikki Goldstein has come up with a great tool to find satisfaction and explore what really excites you – a sex bucket list, for singles and couples alike.


For singles, she advises, “Sexual exploration and experimentation can assist in the battle to working out what you want. How do you know what you want in a relationship if you have never tried different things? Satisfaction in future relationships might also be higher as you have experienced things, understand what it is you want and recognise what it is when you do get it.”

There are many people who due to this feeling of “I wonder what else is on offer” have left relationships only to find that what they really had was right, and then going back might not be an option.

Dr Goldstein’s advice for couples is to “celebrate and focus on what you do have, as people always seem to want what they don’t have.”

She continues, “Enjoy experimenting together and working with the positives of a safe, secure and intimate relationship.”

If you are single, you have the freedom to tick off anything on your list. If you are coupled up, then you have the safety to explore and experiment with someone you have a connection with.

Would you create your own version of this saucy bucket list?

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