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An Eskimo takes a holiday in New Zealand. He hires a campervan and heads off for a driving holiday. It’s a beautiful place; everything he’s ever been told, and more.

On his second afternoon, admiring the spectacular reflections of mountains on a lake, the motorhome’s engine starts to splutter, then dies. Not having any idea what the problem can be, the Eskimo gets out and stands by the side of the road, scratching his head.

He isn’t there very long when a Kiwi pulls up and gets out of his rusty, trusty Holden ute. “Gudday, Bro. What’s the prob?” Friendly people, these Shaky Islanders.

“I have no idea,” the Eskimo replies. “It just stopped”.

“Your lucky day, Bro. I’m a mechanic. I’ll take a gander for you”.

With that, he unlatches and lifts the engine cover. Smoke billows out and there is the smell of hot oil. Oil has sprayed over everything and can be seen dripping on the ground.

“Ah,” says the Kiwi. “I know your problem. You’ve blown a seal”.

The Eskimo is taken aback, and snaps: “So what? You guys do the same with sheep!”

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  1. All bad taste jokes. Can’t there be a better standard of jokes please. These really are so last century. We have evolved from such bad taste in this the new milleneum.

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