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Are you noticing as we get a little older things don’t always go as smoothly as we would like? Our reading glasses are not always where we want them to be, or thought they were. The TV is hard to hear, reading a book, have to go back and reread the page. I have noticed things are changing so I wrote this!


The Joke 

There’s something in my house,

There’s something in my house, I know.

There’s something in my house,

It just won’t go.

It makes me trip, there’s nothing there.

I drop a glass and chip a plate.

I know it’s here to make me late.

I read a page; I read it twice.

My glasses, where are they?

I sit up close, I strain to hear, the TV’s up to 63.

I have to run to have a wee, that’s definitely not like me.

When I’m in the car I look straight ahead, they toot and honk, I shake my head.

If it wasn’t for me, you’d all be dead.

At the mall there’s such a crowd, suddenly it’s all so loud.

There’s a long, long line, to pay the bills, bugger, I have yet to get my pills.

At the clinic, they prod and poke, take my blood, no, I don’t smoke.

Old age is such a joke, and the joke is on me.


Does this joke sound like your life? What can you not help but laugh at as you get older? Share with us today.

Lyndell Heynen

Based in a Western seaside suburb of Adelaide, South Australia, Lyndell Heynen has been writing short stories and story poetry (if there is such a thing) for quite a while. One of her first stories was about a Dinosaur called Golden for her nieces and nephews. She is now a volunteer in the seaside suburb of Semaphore; she has always enjoyed working in a people orientated environment. She shares her home with a large collection of owls and seahorses, and loves books.

  1. Yes, I feel like mobile,busy me trapped inside a body that hurts all the time and won’t work or let me do very much. My fave movie is Avatar….I want one.

  2. As I have always been clumsy, forgetful, hurting myself because i do not concentrate and i am always in a hurry, i turn everything up to loud, and i constantly lose my good glasses but my cheap ones are everywhere, but I have embraced technology so no queues for bill paying for me, as for medicines well i go to in at off peak times or get someone else to do it, I won’t notice much difference. Lol

  3. Aging, aching quality depleting,
    Groaning, squeaking and creaking,
    Deafness comes, backs bow,
    We don’t talk we crow.
    Three score years and ten,
    We all know what’s expected then.
    I saw it all come and go
    But I wasn’t fully in the know.
    But bring on the laughter bring on the joy.
    Don’t be afraid and don’t be coy.
    The body is just a live shell,
    Housing the soul that rings the bell….

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  4. The only way to cope with getting older, and all the things which usually go with it, is to LAUGH about it. Cry and you cry alone, laugh and the world laughs with you….I try and remember this old adage when feeling a bit put out at getting old!!

  5. Wakey, wakey, rise and shine; if only I could, with these joints of mine.
    One foot first, creek and groan; second one down, oh how I do moan.
    Finally make it, I’m on my feet; visit the bathroom – my what a feat!
    So downstairs I trot, to a nice cup of tea;
    Hubby’s a darling and looks after me.
    The joints are now thawing,the day lies ahead;
    I’ve stopped all my groaning, am smiling instead.

  6. If you don;t laugh ….. Thanks Lyndell and thanks to the other contributors for your little ditties – you are all such fun!

  7. I do not think ageing is a joke. It hurts to get the old bones out of bed .
    It hurts the eyes to see and read . Then the hands do hurt when I knit . I’m a bit deaf . My dogs let me know when someone is here . I have hearing aids but at the shops the people to loud so out they come . Iv arthritis of the spine hips elbows finger knees feet could go on. So no I think ageing is awful. But I’m still glad I’m still hear . No not any fun ageing

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