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A burglar breaks into a house during the night knowing that the owners are absent and, as he is surveying what items might be pinched, he hears a voice saying, “Stop that or I will set the dog on you”.

Worried, he probes the darkness with his torch and finally notices in the corner a parrot in a cage. The parrot says again, “Stop that or I will set the dog on you”.

The burglar, amused, asks the parrot, “And what is your name, Polly?”

Offended, the parrot replies, “Don’t be stupid. I’m a boy and my name is Beverley”.

“Oh,” says the burglar, “And what sort of idiot names a male parrot Beverley?”

“The sort of idiot who calls his bitch rottweiler/Russian wolfhound cross Harold. Get him Harold”.

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  1. I had a guy break into a house where I was staying many years ago . He had a large carving knife and cut up some people pretty badly . When he smashed my door in and came at me I had to defend myself . He was taken to hospital some time later and spent time there as well as a time in prison for attempted murder . Lesson here do not take on someone who can defend themselves. This applies to bullies . A little trick is to study Shaolin or any form of self defence.

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