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This story takes place many years ago, out Thangool way.

It’s race day with a meeting in progress. The bookies are busy taking bets when a bloke comes up to one and says, “M-m-m-mate, I b-b-b-backed a f-f-f-five t-t-t- …” at which point the bookie cuts him off. “Look, cobber, I’m flat out like a lizard at the moment. Come back when I’m not so busy, will ya?”

Five minutes later, the bloke returns. “Hey, I t-t-tried t-t-tell ya I b-b-backed a f-f-five t-t-t…” and again the bookie interrupts him. “Look, I haven’t got time for this. Here’s a fiver. Now bugger off, will ya?”

The bloke takes the fiver, somewhat surprised, and walks off. He goes out and joins his offsider in their cattle truck. “How’d ya go?” asks the offsider.

“C-c-can’t g-g-get over it,” he replies. “I went to t-t-tell the b-b-bookie I b-b-backed a f-f-five t-t-ton t-t-truck into his J-j-jaguar and he g-g-gimme a f-f-fiver…!”


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  1. I had my first betting experience at the Thangool Races back in ’72. I hadn’t ever been to a real racetrack and my then boyfriend explained the bookies art to me. You pick a horse you like and tell the man the number of the race and the number of the horse and give him your $2.
    I did that and never saw my $2 again.
    It would be another 25 years before I bet on a horse race – that being the Melbourne Cup when the boss would take the money and the numbers from the staff and he’d put them on. I only ever bet on horse #6 no matter what it is. I’d have $10 to win. This year there was no #6 so I saved my money. #6 did win once.

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