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A man and his wife have been happily married for 50 years and are out golfing like they often do. As the husband is teeing off he confesses, “I have something terrible to tell you, but I really hope you forgive me. Right after we got married I cheated on you. It was only once and it was a huge mistake, I’ve regretted it ever since”.

His wife replies as she steps up to the tee, “I accept that and I understand. I have something I need to tell you”.

The husband replies, “Anything honey, I’m just happy you’re so relaxed about my mistake”.

She tells him, “About a year before I met you, I had a sex change operation. I used to be a man”.

He is shocked, “You son of a gun… How could you? For all of these years you’ve been teeing off from the ladies tee box, you cheater!”


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  1. Lol. My husband and I used to golf with two other young friends but Ken died just before his 28th birthday. However, his favourite golfing joke was : Tom went off early one Saturday morning to play with 3 of his best friends. They were usually home by 3pm but this day it was after six when Tom got home. He arrived to a scene of utter chaos. The breakfast dishes were still in the sink, the laundry was flooded, the kids had drawn all over the walls with crayola. He said to his wife “what on earth has happened, what has gone wrong?”. She said “just after you left the dishwasher broke down, then the washing machine backed up, While I was trying to clean up the mess in the laundry the kids went mad with their crayolas. But where in the hell have you been all day?” Tom said “we’ve had a terrible time. We went to tee off at the first tee and Fred dropped dead, he had a heart attack”. His wife said “Oh No, what did you do?”. Tom replied….. “for the next 17 holes it was hit the ball, drag Fred, hit the ball, drag Fred”.

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