Sunday Sudoku – Week 6 0

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Having a great weekend SAS’ers? Here’s a little something to make it even better! It’s time for another week of Sunday Sudoku. Find a comfy spot, pour yourself a tea and get ready to challenge yourself.

The good people at the Brain Food Factory have three different levels of sudoku for you.

Why not start with the easy level and work your way up to the hardest level?

You’ll find your brain working through the challenges better as go!

On page 2 you will find the answers to last week’s Sudoku.

To play, simply click the download button and print out the sheet.

Click here to download puzzle


The Brain Food Factory has been creating quizzes, crosswords, and other puzzles for over 15 years. Their aim is to bring brain-exercise to the masses in a fun, challenging, and interesting way. Creator, Ric Allport, is a university graduate and former high school teacher who is passionate about the importance of maintaining the best possible brain health. The Brain Food Factory is officially endorsed by Brain Foundation Australia and the Stroke Recovery Association of NSW. They recognise the activities provided by the Brain Food Factory as a valuable tool in keeping minds healthy and active.

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