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Jessica was getting ready for a family wedding and was putting her makeup on. Her four-year-old granddaughter Liz was sitting in the bathroom with her watching her put her makeup on as she had done hundreds of times before.

Using a new type of lipstick that you applied with a brush she didn’t need to blot her lips with toilet paper like she used to. When she was finished, she could see that her granddaughter was looking concerned.

“What’s wrong, darling?” Jessica asked.

“Do you not love toilet paper anymore, Nana?” Liz asked.

Jessica was confused and asked, “What do you mean, Liz?”

“You used to kiss it goodbye when you were finished,” Liz said innocently.

Jessica started to laugh so hard that while she wouldn’t have to blot her lipstick she would have to redo her mascara.

David and Jane were picking up their grandkids from school. The bell rang, and the kids came running toward their grandparents with cuddles and kisses. Ben was the youngest grandchild and had a big smile as he ran up for his cuddle.

Jane smothered the child with kisses and asked: “How was your day?”

Ben excitedly yelled, “I learned how babies are made.”

David was shocked, and Jane smiled. “Really? Seems a bit early to learn that.”

Ben blurted out “It’s easy.”

David snorted trying to hold in his laughter. “How did they tell you how babies are made?”

“Easy, you change the ‘y’ to ‘I’ and add ‘es’,” Ben said proudly.

Jane stifled her laughter as David fell backwards laughing.


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