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If you are going through old pictures, one of the major things that tend to stand out about them is the hair styles. Sometimes they make you laugh; sometimes they make you cringe, and some men just wish they had enough hair to do anything with again.

While some of the hairstyles may have changed the one thing that has stayed the same is hair product companies trying newer and stranger combinations to get you to buy their products.

Ladies, do you remember when people thought it was a splendid idea to put beer in their hair? If you don’t, that’s ok because the fad only existed with one company and one product; The Body on Tap Beer Shampoo. The Shampoo contained Budweiser beer, though the company wouldn’t let their brand be anywhere near the advertising.

If you think that the actress in the advert is future Oscar-winning actress Kim Basinger, you are 100% correct.

The fellas weren’t left out of these types of products either because the 70s were the time that the classic Brylcreemlook was dying out. Dubbed “Wetheads” the men were told to grab the product Dry Look to make their hair look like they didn’t do anything with it at all.

If you think that all they did was repackage hairspray for men, you would also be correct.

Did you use any of these products? What was the strangest hair product you had?

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