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An elderly man was having hearing problems and went to see a specialist. The doctor fitted him with some hearing aids that brought his hearing back to full strength.

After a few weeks the man came back to make sure the new equipment was working properly, which it was.

The hearing specialist said, “It all seems perfect. Your family should be delighted you can hear everything now.”

“Oh no,” the man responded. “I haven’t told any of them. I just sit quietly, listening carefully. I’ve changed my will four times.”

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  1. My husband relates to this – not necessarily changing his will, but sitting quitely taking it all in, when no one realises he’s put his hearing aids in

  2. Somehow I got roped into a hearing test. Excellent she said l said l could hear my blood pumping which was annoying, also hear her working the machine, l was in a soundproof booth my hearing is above anyone’s for my age l’m 70. Yes it’s nice to have good hearing as l value it, but can have its disadvantages as well, especially when we’ve been out bush l seam to be on red alert at night,

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