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A man working with an electric saw accidentally cuts off all of his fingers. At the emergency room, his doctor says, “Give me the fingers, and I’ll see what I can do”

The injured man replies, “But I don’t have the fingers!”

“Why didn’t you bring them?!”, the doctor asks.

The injured man responds, “Doc, I couldn’t pick them up”


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  1. Really funny, but it is true. I slammed a gate on a finger when I threw the little dog out of the chook pen and sliced off one of mine. I knew where she had moved the wire but couldn’t repair it as I was holding the finger in one hand and had the injured hand in a fist to stop the blood flow. She ended up killing them all and guess what? They didn’t even try to re-attach the digit even though it was a clean cut.

  2. Reminds me of one of my brother’s episodes. In primary school he cut off his little finger below the first knuckle. Many years later he cut the stump while playing basketball. Because it was bleeding he went to the canteen to get a bandage. The woman behind the counter was clearly distressed with the blood and finally yelled “did you just cut that off”?

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