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SBS and Lee Lin Chin have done it again! The popular SBS presenter stole the show on the SBS program The Feed to take a Mission: Impossible style mission to “break into” Labor headquarters and force PM-hopeful Bill Shorten to answer some questions.

Chin takes on the role like she’s ready to take over for Tom Cruise in the next blockbuster instalment of his action movie franchise. She stealthily prowls hallways, takes out guards with ease and even surprises the usually unflappable Shorten with her presence.

A startled Shorten asking “Have you broken into this office? Or has there been a coup?” to which the popular presenter harnesses her inner James Bond to exclaim “Yes, and not yet”. How cool.

The interview itself is what you would come to expect from Chin with her dry-wit on full display. Shorten does keep his own, but you can tell that he’s not entirely sure what toe expect from Chin for the entire interview.

It is interviews like this and her various work in sketches that has endeared the news presenter to Australia over the years. Her incredible fashion sense, as well as her ability to poke fun at herself, means that Lee Lin Chin is one of the best actual news reporters while also being an incredible news satirist.

If you missed the segment on SBS’s The Feed, it can be seen below or on the SBS On Demand streaming service for free.

The Feed is broadcasted Thursday’s at 7:30 PM on SBS2.

What did you think of Chin’s interview? Where should she infiltrate next? What person of interest would you like her to interview?

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