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Some of my older friends and quite a few young people told me they’d like to go back to the 1950s and 1960s, I said ‘WHY?’

Here are a few good reasons why I wouldn’t want to, except for a brief visit for old times sake.

  • You had to pay to use railway toilets
  • You had to pay for a timetable
  • The trains weren’t air conditioned
  • Houses weren’t air conditioned and neither were the cars.
  • There were cigarette smoking carriages with smoke so thick you couldn’t see through it.
  • TV was a small black and white set with no video recorder.
  • If you worked afternoon shifts you would miss your favourite show or sometimes miss a movie at the local cinema altogether.
  • There were about four restaurants in Katoomba owned by Greeks and Italians. But they didn’t serve their home country food, so you just had a mixed grill.
  • A salad was a lettuce leaf, cucumber soaked in vinegar, half a tomato and a few slices of garlic sausage covered in mayonnaise made from condensed milk and vinegar.
  • You couldn’t play any music in your car other than listen to the radio (if you were lucky enough to have one) and hope a favourite song would come on.
  • Yes, the music was great, but you can still do the same thing as you could back then – play the records, and now we have CDs and streaming so we can play anything in the car!
  • Grass was something Dad mowed on Saturday. Pot was something you cooked your porridge in. Ecstasy was a double chocolate malted milkshake. Ice was a big block of cold frozen water that the man bought in from the Ice Truck for your ice chest. Heroin was Joan of Arc. Speed was something you did in your FJ Holden. Wine was something an old drunk man carried around in a brown paper bag.
  • You might be lucky to see your favourite rock ‘n’ roll heroes in a brief clip on Bandstand on a small screen in black and white. Now I can buy a 70-inch LCD TV and a massive surround sound system, and watch every rock and roll concert and movie right across the years.

Ain’t nostalgia grand?

Thanks to David Anderson for this.


Would you go back to the good ol’ days if you could? Or do you agree with David? Tell us below. 

Guest Contributor

  1. Loved the slower pace of life but love what life gives me now.I think what I love most about today is I can talk to my daughter on the other side of the world face to face. How special is that.

  2. The salad one bought back memories… Yuk…
    In lots of ways it was really tough…
    As has been said many many times… ‘They don’t know their alive today’… Lol
    Wouldn’t go back for anything…. We have it so good now….

  3. Would love to pop back for a little while with Brisbane the way it was. My kids little the music fashion. Furniture and the list goes on and on!!

  4. it really wasn’t so bad – what we didn’t know then didn’t matter – at least we had the wonder of television – and I experienced getting electricity connected – all marvels in their day.

  5. We have had many improvements, but back in those years there were more opportunities and no need to lock your doors

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