Which band held the top five places on the charts in 1964? 35



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This British rock band made music history on April 4, 1964 for holding all five of the top places in the International Billboard Singles Charts.

Their five songs are all iconic and incredibly well-known around the world today.

What band do you think achieved this?


If you thought “The Beatles” then you’re right! The top five songs were:

Can’t Buy Me Love 

Twist and Shout

She Loves You

I Want to Hold Your Hand

Please, Please Me


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  1. It’s Cliff Richard Myra…..not Richards!

    2 REPLY
    • Why are you writing about Cliff Richard on this post Myra? This is about the Beatles and they were game changers in music. Just the best. Wrote their own music which has been covered by many other artists. And the top 5 on the Billboard charts! Way to go Beatles. True music legends.

  2. Saw them, front row!!! But on reflection, I loved the Stones much more than the Beatles, they were bland.

  3. The Beatles were fantastic as they did more for music, at the time, than any other group or singer.

  4. All of them they were and still are the greatest music “revolution ” we had of our generation can’t match their impact on the Australian and world stage they made at that time don’t think One Direction even come close

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